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Hi, I am Alessio

Alessio Langiano
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Milan, Florence
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I work as conference interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting), liaison interpreter, remote interpreter, proofreader of translation into Italian. My working languages are English and German, and I am specialized in many fields.

Languages have always been my greatest passion, since childhood. My love for the English and German languages and cultures led me to many travels and working experiences in the USA and Germany. Now my job as professional interpreter gives me the chance to cultivate my passion for languages and have a successful career at the same time, with benefit for me and my clients.

I am a professional interpreter  and I am able to break down linguistic and most importantly cultural barriers between people who do not speak the same language. Communicating effectively and clearly reduces the risk of conflicts and misunderstandings, and raises the chances of success in any business meeting.

I am offering much more than linguistic skills and correct translation from a language into another one. Being able to communicate effectively and pay attention to details and nuances of a given speech is an added value, and most importantly keeping the goals of my client clear in mind.

How can I help you?

My services

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter works in a specific booth with headset and microphone. The audience will receive earphones in order to listen to the interpretation. This is the most common interpreting mode in conferences and large-scale company events. The interpreter translates in real time, which allows the communication without making the event last longer.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits close to the speaker, with pen and paper. After listening and taking notes for a few minutes,  the interpreter takes the floor and conveys the message into the other language. Consecutive interpreting will lengthen the event times (translation is not in real time), but allows communication without using simultaneous interpreting installations such as booths, audio cables and headsets. This is the most common interpreting mode in interviews, small conferences and any other event where organizers prefer not to use simultaneous interpreting.

Remote interpreting

When simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is not possible due to logistic reasons, the interpreter can deliver his/her translation through a pc, by using specific online platforms. This interpreting mode is preferred by people who need to organize a video call or a meeting with someone who is currently in a different country.

Chuchotage, whispered interpreting

The interpreter translates with a low tone of voice of one or two people who do not speak the language of the ongoing event. All the other participants will be able to communicate without being interrupted, and the one or two people who do not speak the main language can follow the event thanks to the interpreter. This interpreting mode is typical of  televised talk show with a foreign guest, and other meetings where only one or two participants need an interpreter.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter has a mediating function and works close to two different parties in order to guarantee the communication between them. No technological support is required. This interpreting mode is typical of exhibitions, medical visits, company inspections or visits and many other business meetings.

Service provider

Apart from offering interpreting service in English and German personally, I have a dense network of contacts that allows me to manage written translation requests or interpreting service requests involving other languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.



University of Bologna (Forlì)


Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti



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